About Me 


Hey Sis, I’m Natasha!  I started this site to document my experiences and my journey through various political and sociocultural systems as a queer Black woman. I grew up in a low-income family from New Orleans, Louisiana. We didn’t have much growing up, but we always had the essentials. I remain grateful for the sacrifices that my family made for me, but I always knew that I wanted more. I became the first person in my family to graduate from college. I am a proud alumna of Louisiana State University, and I recently earned my Masters of Education from The University of Georgia.

Further, I recently accepted a job offer and move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is my first time living in the north, and yes, I am FREEZING my ass off!  I’m at a unique period in my life—TRANSITION! Transition for me might as well be synonymous with anxiety-provoking terror! Change is difficult, and as I try to embrace it, I am often overwhelmed. Complicating matters, I’m transitioning from school to a career, from single to partnered, and from Atheism/Agnostic to Buddhism. I try to be very intentional about engaging in self-care in order to manage my anxieties that show up.

This site is intended to be a place of mental, physical, and spiritual healing, centering both joy and pain. I do not intend to give advice, but rather to bring about my own healing and enlightenment; however, in the process, I hope I can help others begin their own healing. I want us all to heal holistically and to become happier and healthier versions of ourselves. 

-Natasha M. Lee